Welcome to Autism Asperger ACT

Welcome to Autism Asperger ACT

Latest News:

Autism Asperger ACT (AAACT) has merged into the Marymead Child and Family Centre (Marymead). AAACT is forming a new unit of Marymead which will continue to provide autism-specific early intervention, education and support services, as well as provide access to a broader range of locally based services, facilities and resources.

When does this take effect?

The changes took effect on 25 August 2016.

The new Autism Centre is now running from the Marymead site at Goyder Street, Narrabundah.

Who is Marymead?

Marymead has been providing community services for almost 50 years and has a long history of assisting people with disabilities, including those with Autism and Asperger diagnoses.

Marymead has a strong commitment to the local community and will work towards ensuring that the AAACT services are continued at the new Autism Centre.

To find out more about the range of programs Marymead provides go to:  marymead.org.au/

What changes will Marymead make to how the services are provided? 

Marymead is continuing to deliver the programs provided by AAACT. Some of the AAACT team have been employed by Marymead and continue to work at the new Autism Centre which is based at Marymead’s Narrabundah site.

The AAACT resource library continues to be available to AAACT members.

While we don’t expect major changes to the existing programs, we do expect to be able to offer AAACT clients access to a larger range of resources and supports.

We are also keen to keep improving our service provision. Your feedback is important to ensure the way we provide services, and the type of services we provide, continues to meet your needs.

To find out about Marymead’s Feedback and Complaints Policy please go to marymead.org.au/aboutus

What if I don’t want Marymead to provide my Autism related services? 

You do not have to choose Marymead to provide your NDIS Autism Asperger services. 

If you don’t want Marymead to provide the Autism Asperger services in your NDIS package you will need to choose a different provider.

We can assist you to choose a different provider. If you would like help to chose a different provider please let us know by contacting (02)  6162 5800.

AAACT was my preferred provider of some of my NDIS supports and services. Can AAACT still provide those services? –

Yes, but only in its merged form with Marymead.

From 25 August 2016 AAACT ceased to exist as a separate legal entity.

If you have previously listed AAACT as a provider of your NDIS supports we will have already written  to your directly and asked if you consent for your services to be provided by the new Autism Centre under the Marymead management.

If you haven’t heard from us, or have questions about this you can contact us on: (02)  6162 5800.

What about adults with Autism and Asperger?

The new Autism Centre, managed by Marymead, will provide services to people of all ages in the same way that AAACT has done.

What happens if I give consent for Marymead to be the provider of my AAACT services?

Once you give permission for Marymead to provide the Autism Asperger services in your NDIS package, your services should continue without much change.

Does this mean Marymead will be providing ALL of the services in my NDIS package?


Marymead is only seeking your agreement to deliver the services that your selected AAACT to provide in your NDIS package.

For more information 

If you have any further questions please email enquiries@marymead.org.au or call us on (02)  6162 5800.


'Starting Out on the ASD Journey: Parent Perspectives" is a series of interviews about receiving a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, by Autism Asperger ACT. The DVD was produced by Bearcage and funded by the Department of Social Services.

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